Why don’t I have any information on my profile in relation to compliance and sustainability?

These areas of your profile are for you to complete, e.g. edit corporate logos and cover images and confirm your city of operation. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to be connected with matched retailers. You should be able to see a small pencil icon on your profile page that allows you to edit.

To estimate organisational carbon emissions, upload documents related to energy consumption or use the Carbon Fund calculator and simply follow the steps to report and donate to offset. To express industry compliance, upload certificates related to your organisation and its transactions.

Sample compliance and sustainability documents:

RJC Code of Practice (COP) is the overarching standard for social and environmental responsibility in accordance with the UN SDGs. Members are subject to 3rd party audits that verify conformance.

The System of Warranties requires all diamond suppliers and diamond jewellery manufacturers to pass on a warranty statement each time diamond goods change hands, thereby assuring the next buyer the diamonds originated within the Kimberley Process system.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and usage can be calculated by uploading documents relating to energy consumption, waste production, and transportation that are reviewed using OCR and comply with Everledger’s data governance.