How does Everledger utilise NFTs?

Does Everledger deal with NFTs? Can I incorporate NFTs with my inventory through Everledger?

Today, digital assets are represented as unique records on the blockchain with an Everledger Provenance Standard that is a kind of extension of ERC standards. Everledger recognises that ERC is a widely tested and accepted standard in Ethereum and incorporating it in Hyperledger makes the task of writing a secure and scalable chain code for any token based on Hyperledger easy.  

Whether it’s art or fashion or wine, Everledger uses NFTs to point to a publically shared Everledger Provenance Report on the Everledger blockchain network.  The utility this provides is a public anchor to an Everledger report, exposing Everledger data to other Ethereum and Defi eco-systems, where it’s 100% transferable between wallets by virtue of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols.